Windows Server 2012 Screenshots – Forex VPS Template

Windows Server 2012 is the foundation of our primary forex VPS template. Its highly stable environment and efficient resource consumption make it ideal for hosting forex- and trading-related software. Below you can see a few screenshots from a default forex VPS deployment with Windows Server 2012:

Windows Server 2012 Template Forex VPS

Windows Server 2012 Template Forex VPS

Windows Server 2012 Template Forex VPS

Windows Server 2012 Template Forex VPS

Why to use a Forex VPS: Speed, Security, Accessibility

If you are wondering about the advantages of forex VPS hosting, this article will explain why VPS hosting is highly beneficial to trading. The benefits can be summarized in three primary areas:

I. Speed

The speed of order execution is usually of the highest importance for traders, especially for those who run automated trading systems. To achieve maximum performance for trading applications, it is necessary to host them as near as possible to the services and networks they will be interfacing with, such as brokers and other financial institutions, as well as account managers and signal providers. In the most common scenario, these networks are located at a few key points in New York City or London.

FXVM’s forex VPS hosting is an affordable and easy-to-manage way of obtaining connection speed that is very close to the fastest available for trading applications. In fact, we are confident enough to guarantee that our networks in New York and London deliver lower latency––meaning faster connectivity––to major brokers and financial networks than any other VPS solution, which will result in significantly improved order execution for your trades.


II. Security

Of no less importance, adequate system security is critical for all applications, whether an individual trader’s MetaTrader 4 platform or advanced backend financial software. There are implicit security benefits gained by offloading your software to a remote system; in addition, our Windows Server VPS templates are continuously updated to protect from intruders and other threats. On the physical hardware side, we have taken great care to prevent critical failures  by making each aspect of our platform redundant. Our host servers and core network components are monitored 24/7 for emerging issues or points of congestion, and are proactively managed by our 24/7 NOC team in conjunction with Technical Support.


III. Accessibility 

Just like a website would not be reliably accessible if it was hosted from a home or office computer (instead of a web hosting server), trading software becomes much more reliable when moved to a VPS or dedicated hosting solution. The tools and protocols built-in to our service, such as RDP (Remote Desktop) and VNC, allow you to easily connect to your forex VPS from anywhere, with no extra setup or configuration necessary. This allows for:

  • Starting MT4 or other applications on the remote VPS once, and keeping them online 24/7 throughout reboots of your local PC or disconnections from the internet.
  • Accessing your trading platform on-the-go or from different devices, like a PC, laptop, tablet, and phone, without interfering with the software running on the VPS.
  • Setting up multiple platforms or accounts on the same VPS, and delegating user access to allow multiple people to view the desktop simultaneously, all from separate locations.


+ IV. On-demand Upgrades

Hosting with virtualized infrastructure allows you to forego the work that goes into estimating capacity requirements and planning physical hardware upgrades, because resource allocations for VMs are handled “in the cloud.” Our platform can upgrade and downgrade systems, as well as provision new systems, on demand. This allows you to pay for only the resources you need.


If you are interested in forex VPS hosting, FXVM offers trading VPS plans starting at $19.95/mo. See Plans & Pricing here.

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Do you need a Forex VPS? Who should use a VPS for trading?

With the huge variety of trading products and platforms available to traders, it is often difficult to determine, at a glance, what will be truly beneficial for a reliable trading setup. However, with the rapid development of automated systems, virtualized hosting technology, and access to premium bandwidth in financial centers, it has become clear that specialized financial hosting infrastructure can benefit the performance of trades and trading applications. There is no better evidence than the fact that a majority of trades executed on today’s markets are executed by automated trading systems.

FXVM’s goal is to virtualize–or partition into small, self-contained, ‘virtual’ sub-units–such infrastructure, and extend its benefits in the form of a virtualized hosting service to all traders and businesses who are seeking improved stability.

If you are unsure about using a forex VPS, and whether you should be using one in your trading setup, consider some of the following reasons that our customers use forex VPS hosting:

  • You have a forex expert advisor, or many EAs, that you need to test in a stable environment.
    • Forex VPS systems do not shutdown or reboot, and are designed to have the best possible quality of connection to brokers and financial institutions. For these reasons, forex VPS hosting is ideal forward-testing MT4 EAs and other automated trading software, especially when results need to be collected over many weeks, months, or years. Read more about the benefits for forex expert advisors.
  • You already have a profitable EA or automated trading portfolio, and require a stable remote environment to optimize returns from your system.
    • For all of the same reasons mentioned above, forex hosting is ideal for deploying established, profiting strategies, in order to give them an additional edge in fastest possible execution speed.
  • Your system or software requires ultra-low latency connection to the broker.
    • Because our systems are hosted directly adjacent to major financial data networks in New York (Equinix) and London (Level3), they can achieve latency as low as 0.1ms to a large number of brokers and trading services. Check our live latency to your broker.
  • You are frequently away from your computer or trading station.
    • A trading VPS runs on a remote server located in a data center, and can be accessed from any PC or mobile device via RDP. This means that you can “screen in” to your remote desktop from any location, while leaving the applications on the remote desktop to run uninterrupted.
  • Your orders are executed poorly due to long distance between your broker(s) and your location.
    • Hosting your MetaTrader 4 platforms on a remote VPS will improve the speed of order executions, since the trading machine will be closer to the destination networks, even while you access the VPS from your location.

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Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Forex VPS Template — Screenshots

Despite its age and lack of ongoing support, Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise remains an ideal OS for forex VPS hosting, due to its robustness and small resource footprint. Compared to Windows Server 2008 and 2012, Server 2003 requires a significantly smaller amount of RAM to sustain its background processes, making it an excellent choice for smaller forex VPS servers.

FXVM fully supports Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise, and packages with it most of the same features and enhancements as our other forex VPS templates. Below you can see a few screenshots of the standard Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise forex VPS deployment:

Forex VPS Screenshot - Windows Server 2003 R2

Forex VPS Screenshot - Windows Server 2003 R2

Forex VPS Screenshot - Windows Server 2003 R2

Forex VPS Screenshot - Windows Server 2003 R2

Forex VPS Screenshot - Windows Server 2003 R2


As you can see, the GUI appearance is much like a typical computer running Windows Server or Windows XP, however the magic lies in the underlying hardware and network connectivity!

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Windows Server 2008 R2 – Forex VPS Template Screenshots

Before Windows Server 2012 Standard was released to mainstream support, Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise served as our primary Forex VPS template. It is still updated and available for use, though Windows Server 2012 is recommended for optimized performance and forward compatibility.

Forex VPS

Forex VPS

In addition to applications like TickStory (tick data downloader) and FileZilla (FTP client), our forex VPS templates include built-in enhancements to help optimize the server environment for running forex- and trading-related software.

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