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FREE Expert Advisor for MT4, a Gift For You!


In celebration of the holidays, we have a free expert advisor for MT4 to share with everyone.

The strategy is based on trend following, and works best on USDJPY H1 charts. It trades only occasionally, with low to medium frequency, when the best opportunities arise.

Risk settings are adjustable, and should be set according to your money management profile.

This is free software, and we are not providing any commercial support for it, nor any endorsement or performance guarantees. Please install and invest at your own risk. Always test on a demo account before going live.

You can download the EA from our website: Free Expert Advisor


FXVM Staff

New Forex VPS Build, New Features: Windows Server 2012

This week we are releasing a major update to our default Windows Server 2012 Standard system build. The new version includes performance upgrades, new software, and additional optimization over the previous release.

Most noticeably, the new build sports an updated look on the desktop, with some improved UI also. Control Panel and Chrome are easily accessible from the taskbar:



We’ve further optimized the system clock settings to sync to GMT, with NetTime synchronizing with time servers to maintain extreme precision through any possible system halts, disconnections, or reboots:

forex-vps-screenshot-7Additional enhancements and optimizations have been made to the default Windows Firewall settings, which are active by default on all forex VPS systems to provide maximum security. Security alerts and management are streamlined into the server UI with Action Center:

forex-vps-screenshot-1We have also collected a small folder of useful Utilities, including Command Prompt, FileZilla, WinSCP, Tickstory, and a Startup Manager.




The Start Manager utility can be used to automatically restart MT4 in the event of a reboot or system failure:autostart-7And, just like a normal PC, Chrome can browse the Internet and download files:

forex-vps-screenshot-5The new build is live, and comes fully setup and ready to use. View our forex VPS plans and pricing to order, or see more features of MT4 VPS hosting. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.





How to Autostart MT4 After Server/VPS Reboot

We recently published a knowledgebase article detailing how to automatically restart MetaTrader 4 after a VPS reboot. If you already have a forex VPS with FXVM, please jump to the Knowledgebase, as this functionality is built in to our forex VPS systems by default. Else, read on!

Using a forex VPS is an excellent first step toward maintaining 100% stability and availability of your MT4 platform and EAs. Beyond that, a critical practice is to automatically start MT4 in the event of a system reboot. This way, MetaTrader 4 will restart automatically in the event of a system crash or reboot, without any need to log in and start the program manually. Although using a forex VPS for expert advisors and other trading strategies is highly recommended, you can also use these steps with any normal Windows PC.

We recommend a free utility called Startup Manager, which provides an easy interface for defining normal .exe’s (Windows executables) as system services. This allows Windows to run the programs at system boot, before any user account logs in.

Download the application here: http://www.startup-manager-windows.com/downloads/startman.exe

Then, just follow the simple steps to add your MT4 program:

1. Open the Startup Manager and click the green “+” icon.


Autostart MT4 - 1


2. In the popup dialog, click Browse.

Autostart MT4 - 2


3. Locate your MT4′ terminal.exe file, usually in C:Program Files (x86)MetaTrader 4terminal.exe.Autostart MT4 - 3


4. Click OK to add the .exe to the startup list.

Autostart MT4 - 4

5. Confirm that terminal.exe by MetaTrader has been added.Autostart MT4 - 5


You’re done! MT4 will now automatically restart in the event of a system reboot. There is no need to keep Startup Manager open; all changes are saved to the system registry and will take effect immediately.

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