We are full in NY!

We have received more orders than expected and are out of capacity in NYC. We’re working on getting more servers online. We expect we’ll be finished testing and have new servers ready this weekend. We will immediately provision the orders that are waiting. Thank you all for your business!

Time synchronization

We’re always looking to improve our VPS offerings. We offer very customized and optimized VPS templates here at FXVM.net. We have meticulously rebuilt all of our Windows templates and in this effort we have added a time synchronization tool that will run automatically. You will now see an icon for the time synchronization program running on your taskbar when you buy a VPS. This tool will help keep more precise time then Windows would by default.

Microsoft Updates August 2015

Microsoft released new Windows updates this week. Looking at the list of updates this month there are none remotely exploitable externally (from outside the VPS) with the default configuration of our VPS. Nevertheless, there are some important updates to protect against local vulnerabilities including the usual cumulative update for Internet Explorer.

You can update your VPS by going to “Control Panel > Windows Update”. We recommend updating over weekends and rebooting after.

The SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) has the best quick overview of the updates each month. https://isc.sans.edu/forums/diary/August+2015+Microsoft+Patch+Tuesday/20023/