Surplus dedicated server inventory

We have a surplus of dedicated server inventory in New York and London. If you are looking for a dedicated server then this would be a great time to pick up one for 15% off. Use discount code “dedi15offspecial” to get 15% off recurring. Order a server here!

How to bet in-play on Betfair for Australians

I know this post isn’t forex related, but I thought it might be interesting for our Australian clients out there. There is legislation in Australia that prohibits people from betting in-play from the internet, you can still place a bet, but you need to physically call the operator and do it over the phone (major pain in the ass). So if you’re like me and enjoy the ability to get in and out of your bets online this restriction means it all becomes just a bit too hard.

By chance, I recently found a loophole to this restriction while using one of our VPS’s. I found that if I log into a betting site (I use using our VPS’s browser it allows me to bet in play.

I even log into the VPS from my phone and place bets from my mobile on occasion.

My suggestion would be to rent a lite VPS in New York, it’s the most affordable and will give you the best usability.

You’ll then be able to enjoy the full freedom that in-play betting was intended for!

Microsoft Updates March 2016

Microsoft released new Windows updates yesterday. Looking at the list of updates this month there are none remotely exploitable externally (from outside the VPS) with the default configuration of our VPS. However, there are exploitable web browser vulnerabilities for Internet Explorer which could be remotely exploited if you visited a malicious website and were not updated yet. We advise minimizing your web browsing from your VPS for added security. Nevertheless, there are some important updates to also protect against local vulnerabilities including the usual cumulative update for Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers.

You can update your VPS by going to “Control Panel > Windows Update”. We recommend updating over weekends only and rebooting after.

The SANS Internet Storm Center (ISC) has the best quick overview of the updates each month.