Windows CredSSP Remote Desktop Connection Error

We have received some reports from customers who are receiving a Windows Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) authentication error connecting to their VPS. This error is coming from a forced RDP client security update released from Microsoft in March 2018 that is now being enforced. The following error is realized when connecting from a patched client (home or work) computer to an unpatched Windows VPS server. Customers who have not updated their VPS since February 2018 may encounter the RDP authentication error and be prevented from connecting to their VPS temporarily.

As a temporary workaround you may follow these instructions to regain access to the VPS. The Windows VPS will need to be updated and restarted at your next convenience so that it has the same security update.



  1. Extract (2) reg files from
  2. Run “Windows-CREDSSP-temporary-lower-security.reg” to update homepc Windows registry temporarily to lower new security setting
  3. RDP connect to the VPS and complete the Windows Updates and reboot once completed
  4. Run “Windows-CREDSSP-reguler-mitigated-security.reg” to update homepc Windows registry to reenable the regular higher security setting
  5. Test RDP connection to VPS again and it should continue to work

Microsoft reference information: